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Subject: [TowerTalk] Testing beams
From: (peacemkr)
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 21:08:09 -0600
Well said Charles ..and now who wants to brag about their MoPar ??

Charles H. Harpole wrote:

> My experience, here comes my 2 cents-- is that operator skill accounts for
> 80 to 90 percent of achievement in contests.  Look at the WRTC results in
> something like a test circumstance.
> About testing ants., I want much signal over the horizon at the DX station
> rcvr, not a couple hundred feet downrange on a test range.
> Also, I donna think ANYBODY can say one beam antenna is better than
> another if all they have done is take one down and put another up.  There
> are just too many intangible factors in trying to make that judegment.
> For example, I replaced 10 year old coax with brand new coax (and
> connectors)-- onto same tower, same antenna.  Result was I THOUGHT I heard
> better and was heard better, but I question my ability to detect the
> difference in reality.  I think I was just "driving a clean car"-- I.E.,
> noticing how much better my car drives when it just comes off a real good
> cleaning.
> Hamdom needs real world, dx distance, side by side tests.  Otherwise, we
> are just blowing the smoke of teenagers bragging abou their Fords or
> Chevys.  de K4VUD
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