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[TowerTalk] Losses in signal reception

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Losses in signal reception
From: (Jose de Sa) (Jose de Sa)
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 98 13:05:46 CET
Iam running a TS-870 and an Amplifier by Ameritron (AL-1500),
when I connect the antenna coax directly to the tranceiver, signals
are S1 stronger than when I connect the antenna coax via the Linear 
amplifier, I know there must be some losses, but a S1 diference ?
I have compared the reception using diferent coaxes, connectors,
etc...., and only get that S1 attenuation when I go via the Linear.
Does anyone gets any idea of what might be wrong, could it be
an unknown caracteristic from this type of Linear amp. ?
(a best kept secret, HI !)
Anyway the Linear is working OK and I have never noticed a problem

73 and good DXing,

                        Jose de Sa   CT1EEB

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