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Subject: [TowerTalk] H-E-L-P
From: (Jessica Benny)
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 13:26:55 -0800
Lee, way back in my college days, I worked for a dictating machine
company doing repairs. Some dictating machines use dual foot switches,
others, a single foot switch with two positions. First position is to
play, pushing further is the second position for rewind.

Anyway, I use a dual foot switch at my station, left side keys the
radio, right opens the key line for the amp so that I don't have to
either turn it off, or put it in stby mode while tuning the exciter when
changing bands.

Look in the yellow pages under dictating machines. Some company probably
has a dual foot switch laying around excess. Don't ask for a new one,
they'd probably soak you for $50 or more.

Ray, N6VR


>         HELP...tower guys usually have all the they ask
> good questions!
>         I am looking for a source (manufacture, idea) of a dual foot
> switch. One
> side to key the AMP and the other to key the TRANSCEIVER.
>         Now. I want it so if I step on the AMP switch side, it will
> key both AMP
> and TRANSCEIVER. However, if I step on the TRANSCEIVER side it keys
> the
> Sort of a mechanical connection, not an electrical connection.
>         Where are all the ideas and manufacture's, model numbers,
> outlets, etc.?
>         Thanks in advance, Lee
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