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[TowerTalk] A4S SWR correction-new problem

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Subject: [TowerTalk] A4S SWR correction-new problem
From: (Bill Hinkle)
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 08:42:30 -0500
Mike, It's a half sloper. It is mounted at the top of a 54 foot crank up.
The A4S is 4 feet above the top of the tower. The sloper does not have a
balun on it (some are not reading my messages or I just can not write
well enough to get my point across). The sloper worked GREAT before I
worked on the A4S. I worked 9J2AM on it the night before. I did nothing
to the sloper, just worked on the A4S. Friday night the sloper was fine.
Saturday I worked on the A4S and Saturday night the sloper was not worth
a damn. SWR went from a tad over 1.5 to 4 to 1(on the sloper)  by just
replacing the balun (Bencher) on the A4S with a coaxial choke. I sure
don't understand this! I didn't touch the sloper. I can crank the tower
down and tilt it over without unhooking anything on the sloper. As I said
in the last post the sloper did not care if the tower was at 45 feet or
54 feet, it still worked GREAT. So why the change? I have 143 confirmed
on 75m from 2 QTH's , I must have been doing something right untill now.
I'm lost on this one! 
Signed, Help- I got it bad for 75m!!!
73,  Bill KB3AUG
On Sun, 15 Feb 1998 07:32:50 +0000 Mike <> writes:
>At 09:07 PM 2/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>The SWR on the 75m sloper is 4 to 1 in the DX window.
>>                            73, Bill Kb3AUG
>Is it a full sloper or half sloper??? 
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