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[TowerTalk] Limited Antenna Reply THANKS!!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Limited Antenna Reply THANKS!!
From: (Landen Stoker)
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 17:24:57 -0600
I was overwelmed by the response. The majority recommended quads. Which
I had investigated and re-investigated this afternoon. I have a 15 ft
mast with abt 12ft above tower which leaves, if I mount the boom right
above tower, only abt 3ft of mast left above the antenna. I also have a
2meter beam and a 440 beam, so I run out of space to mount them. I have
been happy with the performance of the Butternut Beam, except for one
thing I noticed the other night I was talking to a friend and I did a
180 so he was off of the back of the beam and there was only a 6db
difference 1 s-unit. Not very good FB. My FS is great abt 25db which is
excellent for a beam this side. But the FB is definitely lacking which
it should not be, according to the manual.  Maybe I have developed a
problem, guess I need to go up there and investigate. The easiest
solution might be to just figure out what is wrong with my beam and try
to fix it.

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