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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 11:16:27 EST
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> I have the need to climb some trees in my backyard for some stealthy 
>  antennas.  I'm wondering where I can get information on the needed 
>  supplies for climbing a tree?  Seems like I'll need some spikes of some 
>  sort.  
     You'll need a pair of tree climbing spikes and you can get them at most
rental stores. The tree climbing spurs are much longer than the ones used for
pole climbing. They should be relatively sharp.

    The rental center will probably also want you to rent their safety belt
and lanyards. I prefer to use two lanyards so that I can throw the other one
around the tree when I'm trying to climb around branches. 

      A bow saw will help you saw dead branches that are in your way or are
'widow makers'. I use a nylon sling and carabiner to attach it to my belt. 

    You'll need to make sure that the rope travel doesn't pass over any
branches (the rope will saw through the branch and vice versa). Then make sure
that there is a decent 'window' for the halyard rope to travel out without
rubbing against branches. Cut away any offending branches. Don't worry about
zealous pruning - they'll grow back.

    Use SS pulleys - they're five bucks or so at Home Depot, etc and use an
eye lag screw to attach them to the tree. DO NOT put a line around the tree -
eventually that'll kill it. 

     Last, tie the ends of the halyard line together to form a continuous
loop. Attach the antenna wire to halyard and hoist away. I've found that it's
almost always the antenna that breaks so if you have a loop, you can hoist up
another one in a few minutes. If you don't use a loop, you'll have the end of
the rope up on top at the pulley and you'll have to climb up again to get it.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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