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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tree Climbing
From: (Tom Osborne)
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 18:08:40 +0800 wrote:belt.
>     You'll need to make sure that the rope travel doesn't pass over any
> branches (the rope will saw through the branch and vice versa).

Hi Bill. I did this once, and it didn't cut through the limb, but it 
sawed though the bark, and the pitch grew over it and it stuck it to the 
limb and I couldn't let it down anymore. It's a bad way to go.
>     Use SS pulleys - they're five bucks or so at Home Depot, etc and 
>use an eye lag screw to attach them to the tree. DO NOT put a line 
>around the tree - eventually that'll kill it.

You want to make sure the eye of the screw isn't too close to the tree 
because the bark will grow over it in a little while and soon will have 
your pully stuck. I put some eyebolts in a tree and tied some guys to 
them and the bark covered them up completely.  I had a heck of a time 
getting them loose.
>      Last, tie the ends of the halyard line together to form a 
>continuous loop. Attach the antenna wire to halyard and hoist away. I've 
>found that it's almost always the antenna that breaks so if you have a 
>loop, you can hoist up another one in a few minutes. If you don't use a 
>loop, you'll have the end of the rope up on top at the pulley and you'll 
>have to climb up again to get it. 

That works great. It lets you experiment with your antennas too. If you 
don't like the one you put up, you don't have to climb the tree to change 
antennas. Just pull the loop down and attach a different antenna.  Trees 
are wonderful antenna supports!


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