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Subject: [TowerTalk] Monster Quad
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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 20:15:48 -0600
Just a thought ... I have lost my copy of Orr's Quad Antenna Book ... but I
remember while researching a 3-4 element quad design .. I found that after the
basic Quad driven and the Quad reflector ... Giving u the ususal quad vs yagi
bennys .. when u added the directors .. the 1st dir (quad) gave u slightly less
gain than if the dir was a yagi element. As I remember it it was only a .2 or
.3db  loss with the quad element ..and this trend continued as directors were
added.  But if u plan to add the 4 directors for the 6 element configuration
... this cud possiably end up being a full db or so of gain if all yagi
directors were used... u might consider modeling  a quagi ... seems it might b
a bit less cumbersom physically and result in as gud or better foward gain and
perhaps f/b as well.
    I'm not blessed with the ability to model antennas ... but sure wud like to
hear the results of the comparison between the 6 ele quad vs the 6 ele quagi.
Gain / Take off angles / f/b.

Mike wrote:

> Anyone know where to buy a 6 element 5 band(10-20 meters) Quad?
> I checked with Cubex and they sell a four el. and you can buy parts to make
> it six, but I think we are looking for a "stock" 6 element, but have yet to
> completely rule out the modification process!
> Thanks
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