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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 15:19:50 EST
In a message dated 98-02-19 23:59:20 EST, writes:

<<  have the need to climb some trees in my backyard for some stealthy 
 >antennas.  I'm wondering where I can get information on the needed 
 >supplies for climbing a tree?  Seems like I'll need some spikes of some 
 >sort.   >>

Being a "pure stealth" antenna user, I have avoided climbing trees by instead
using a 24' painter's pole (available at Home Depot for $39.00).  It is light
enough that I can hold it above my head with one hand and drop wires in trees
at the 30 + foot level.  If I need to go any higher, I use a small ladder for
the extra height.

I attached a small hook at the tip of the pole, and use a heavy monofilament
fishing line with a weight attached as my leader line.  I just drop the weight
over the desired tree limb, and let the line unroll.  

I have never used an end insulator, either just the fishing line, which has
good dielectric properties, or some teflon line.  I use #20 or above wire on
all antennas.  Cheap plastic coat hangers can be cut to make an excellent
center insulator for an inverted vee.  I simply "hang" it on a convenient
limb.  I cut up the remaining plastic as spacers for my open wire feedlines.

I haven't climbed a tree yet, but have been able to get my antennas up into
the highest tree limbs available with minimal effort.  This may be a better
alternative than getting a lot of expensive climbing equipment to hang fine

Most serious contesters would roll on the ground laughing if they saw the
antennas I use.  However, Bill, I think you'll be amazed at what you can
accomplish with simple, stealthy wire arrays.

73, Paul, "Stealth Man", KB8N

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