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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Stealth Wire. Wire Man/ Davis RF Co./Orion Wire: "TRIAD"
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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 01:32:32 EST
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<< I recently bought and am now using a most remarkable stealth wire,
 Davis' #WM-34,  26 AWG 19-strand copper clad steel with HDPE black
 jacket.  I defy you to find it near or in trees, etc!  And, running less
 than 100 watts, that small size does not seem to be a problem >>

Dan, I'm glad you liked this wire that i recommended when we talked.  The
small gauge, color and the HDPE (high density polyethylene) make for a rugged
wire, even if chafing against tree limbs.  HDPE has a higher density than
various PVC's and also it is great as an abrasive jacket for coax as PE does
not incorporate plasticizers that cause the contaminating issues that PVC I
type jackets do in terms of leaching into the dielectric and contaminating it,
thus adversely effecting electrical characteristics.  There is a rather basic
discussion about this and non-contaminating jackets at my commercial site:  (at the amateur radio menu item).    I hope that TT members
might find other info on the site, particularly the "Interesting Links" which
I set up to appeal to techs, engineers and hams.  I got a kick out of your
reference to "Wire Man aka Davis RF".   Press and I have not gotten the
relationship out in a fully understood manner yet.  Press and I are close
friends.  I run, with my partner Jeff Stimson (Owner and design engineer of
Orion Wire Corp), a high tech custom design wire/cable engineering service as
well as commercial distribution of most all standard wires and cables.  We
also design and deliver Belden equivalents at notable savings.   A small
portion of the business serves the ham community.  A large portion of Press's
Wire Man serves hams and he is the guru;  the most ethical, and the foremost
contributor to the hobby vis a vis his variegated expertise.  So, Wire Man,
Orion Wire and Davis RF formed a "Triad" to pool resources and to better
perfect quality, specific wire/cable needs for various industries and the ham
community.  Press is a strong supporter of many of my products and vice versa.
We hope that hams and the commercial industry will recognize this in the short
to long run and benefit their business bottom lines, quality, safety, as well
as those qualities in their hobby endeavors. This is the first time, that I am
aware of, that a combined effort such as this in the general field of aerial
related parts has been undertaken.  It has been facilitated by our mutually
similar ethics, experience and desire to provide premier client satisfaction,
as well as enhancing products for specific needs.   We appreciate our fellow
hams supporting us, and giving us commercial business leads, specifically
custom/specilaized requirements.  Sorry for the commercial but I think
clarification and evidence of what is available now to hams, as well as
commercial efforts that you may be associated with, is of distinct benefit.
Thanks Dan for the nice comments and opening the door for these clarifications
and benefits available.  Regards, Steve Davis, K1PEK, DAVIS RF Co., Div. of
Davis Associates, Inc.,
DAVIS RF Co., Commercial wire/cable, RF connectors, custom cable design.
Discounts to hams.  BURY-FLEX ? low loss HF-microwave HDPE coax; ........FLEX-
WEAVE? aerial wire. Registered trademarks of Davis Associates, Inc.
visit our web site @

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