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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 02:56:28 EST
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<< I have gotten a pretty good deal on about 300-400ft of an RG8 type cable.
 I'm hoping someone can tell me something about it.
 It is marked "Comm/scope Network Cable 3222 RG8 vsat type II Burial cable",
 but the marking is dim. The core wire is solid, and the braid is copper,
 with pretty good coverage. The dialectric appears to be a fairly dense foam.
 Ay data will be welcomed.
 Bill- W4BSG >>
Bill, my guess for now is that this is a discontinued item (not in my
reference material), not that this would be a negative indication; however if
so, your cable could be somewhat old.  I will know further on Monday.  I
question if it is type II, probably is type III and is polyethylene (would be
a lot denser than type II (PVC): you could tell be trying to cut its jacket
with a sharp knife or razor and compare its cutability to a PVC cable (8X,
RG213, 58, 214, etcpvc, if PE it should be much harder to cut than PVC.  type
II PVC should not be buried but type II PE is buriable.  Will le you know more
on Monday.  Steve Davis, K1PEK, DAVIS RF Co. DAVIS RF Co., Div. of Davis
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