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[TowerTalk] Orion 2800 or Create RC5B-3??

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Orion 2800 or Create RC5B-3??
From: (michael w. elliott)
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 16:07:17 -0800
I own two create models that you indicated....

I have not a problem with the rotor.  It works each and every time and does not
cost as much as the Orion which I looked at buying at one time..
There have been some concerns about the collars but I have never had one.

I am running a  KT34xa at 72ft and a 2 el 40 (402cd) cushcraft at 10 feet above
that.  The preselect on the rotor box is sweet and works every time. No
in any weather.

I would suggest you think about the diff between the bolt layout.

If you are unsure I can send you a copy of the bottom of the rotor on my

I am using a Tri-Ex 470d tower.

There is a an adapter plate you can get which will match the tail twister or
hygain pattern.

It handles somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 - 25 sq feet.

I have excellent response on questions from EDCO in Va.

Take care and hope you make a wise choice--- by the way if you go to Dayton
has a booth there

Mike Elliott

Dick Flanagan wrote:

> At 5:04 AM -0800 2/25/98, Rich Hallman N7TR wrote:
> >    Time to replace the old T2X on the tower and upgrade to something
> >that will turn my 2 Ele 40 Cushcraft that is stacked 10 ft above a TH7
> >when I want it to turn....Not when IT wants to turn!!
> >
> >   Looking at the Create RC5B-3  and  the Orion 2800P.....This will
> >also mount in a top section of Rohn 25....
> Hi, Rich.
> I have no info on the Create, but I have an Orion P2800 to turn a 402CD 12
> feet above my TH11 (with an M2 6M7 between them).  The Orion is one strong
> rotor(!) and very well made.
> I was talking with Rod W7CY about this not too long ago and he was also
> thinking about the Create vs. Orion.  I THINK he said there were some
> concerns with Create.  Not the rotors, themselves, but perhaps with
> availability or service, I'm not sure which.  In any case, he just bought
> an Orion.
> Good luck and let me know if you need some dumb brawn when the time
>comes.  :)
> 73, Dick
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