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[TowerTalk] 160 Vert & Soil Conductivity.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 160 Vert & Soil Conductivity.
From: (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 15:59:46 -1000
At 05:32 PM 2/26/98 EST, W2GR wrote:

Just curious if anyone might have any thoughts on any good 160 verticals.
 I saw the Gladiador in NCJ ...curious abt it. 

Dave Thompson, K4JRB wrote:

>I wonder if anyone compared the Gladiator to the Uni-Hat on 160.  I compared
>the Uni-Hat to the big Gap and the Uni-Hat won every time.  Granted you need
>more radials than Uni-Hat advertises (I have 2,000 feet more) but the
>Uni-Hat works very well on 160 and 80 for small lot work.  And without more
>radials covers a space 25 by 25 feet.  Its not W2GD or W4WA but its better
>than a dipole compared to a mono bander on a higher band.   
>Ed N5NUG is selling many in phased set ups 2, 3 or 4 squares.

Do these arrays operate on only one band,  that is spaced only for
160 or 80,  or do they phase properly on each of the low bands
with one physical set up?

>Sounds like the Gladiator may be a good small lot/Dxpedition antenna too.
>But I don;t think they make a 160/80/40 version to compare straight up to
>the Uni-Hat.

No,  the Gladiators are monobanders,  optimized for efficiency and
bandwidth by band.

>BTW the ground conductivity near Atlanta is about as bad as it gets. Almost
>opposite of salt water.  Look at the charts varies from 0 (thats right ZERO)
>to 1  

Other scores posted so far by Jimmy Floyd, K4ZAM for 160 performance
during the ARRL test,  and in the same catagory as W1XT with his Gladiator
TL160,  and in the 7 call district,  only two are in Arizona:

W1XT  was  23 by 18 multis on 160

KC7V    was  10 by 8 in Az,

N7IR     was     also 10  by  8,  but he was  QRP on 160! and in Az,

W7WHY   was  2  by  2,  but he is in Oregon state,

W7VV  was  2  by  2,  but he is in Washington state,

K7BG  was  16 by  12,  but he is in Montana.

Two other 7's,  but Hawaiian 7's also have posted scores:

NH7A on Maui  got  156  by  42 on 160

KH7R  on Oahu  got  283  by  51  on 160.

Maybe that almost nonbelievable Hawaiian soil conductivity really
does work!  And of course,  Jack,  KH6CC down on the Big Island
is a 160 band DX icon!!  Hard to believe that Hawaiian soil is
an order of magnitude higher conductivity because of
volcano rich mineral content than mainland soils,  see my
previous posts.

73,  Jim,  KH7M
On Kauai

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