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Subject: [TowerTalk] LIQUID TAPE
From: (Bob Perring)
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 09:06:21 -0600
Thanks to all of you out there who had really great ideas on how to
thin down my thickened bottle of liquid tape.

The gasoline as a thinner with heat applied from a blow torch caused a
few problems, but I was able to clear away most of the damage after
just a few hours of effort.

The moth balls boiled in water was pretty good, but I never made it
away from the stove with the mixture.

I finally tried the KEB, and went along with addtional dribbles of
alcohol, kerosene, and WD-40 added to the mixture, but just as I was
about to mix the concoction into the liquid tape jar, Jerry Garcia came
up and tapped me on the shoulder and asked if he could buy my 1969 VW
camper bus from me.

I now have a new friend who is going to help me put antennas up for the
higher bands.  Jerry says to stay away from the liquid tape all
together !


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