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[TowerTalk] Subdivision Deed restrictions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Subdivision Deed restrictions
From: (Stan Griffiths)
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 00:23:26 -0800 (PST)
>Basically, what we have here in my subdivision is an attempt to replace
existing unexpired laws with newer laws of more depth, breadth, and personal
meddling stupidity.
>The old 3 page subdivision rules which have existed for 30 years will now
be expanded into a "new and improved" set of 64 page rules
>Just for a start, so as to supply information input to you, I attach the
"proposed" new rules section that would address my N5RP amateur radio
>SECTION 8.10          Antennas and Satellite Dish System
>Television Antenna Prohibited.
>No television antenna of any type may be erected or maintained on any
building site except in the attic of a residence without prior written
consent of the AWC board.
>Other Prohibited Antenna.
>In no event shall any antenna or other device be used for transmitting
electronic signals of any kind. No electronic antenna or device of any type,
citizen band, "HAM", "CB" or similar radio antenna or other television
antenna or accessories, except as above provided, shall be erected or
permitted to remain on any building site or elsewhere in the subdivision, or
on any residence or other building; provided the AWC may approve placement
of same.

Sounds to me like the above section prohibits cordless phones and certainly
cell phones anywhere in the subdivision.  My approach would be to suggest
that the new rules are way too restrictive, but do not give the cordless
phone or cell phone examples.  If the other side wins and the rules go into
effect, you will have a way to make life miserable for them as you constanly
file complaints against cell phones and cordless phones.  I think cordless
garage door openers and certain burgular alarm systems would be prohibited
as well.  Probably most remote contol units too.  No kid may play with a toy
radio controlled car, etc. etc.  They're nuts.  I'd let them put their foot
deeply into their mouth and then expose their ignorance.


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