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[TowerTalk] Got the Zoning book.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Got the Zoning book.
From: (Cathryn Mataga)
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 13:28:49 -0800
OK, as suggested by a friendly poster here I got the zoning
book for Berkeley.  Hmm, I could build up to three floors on 
my lot, that's interesting.  

On first reading I don't see anything directly related to
ham radio towers. There is a building height limit.

Three (3) stoies but not exceeding twenth-eight (28) feet,
provided that structures may be constructed to height of thirty-
five (35) feet subject to securing a Use Permit in each case.


(b) Subject to other provisions of law, towers, polse and
wires for the transmission of electricity for light, heat, power
and telephone and telegraph messages, flag poles, monuments,
chimneys, cupolas, smoke stacks, gas storage holders, water tanks,
and similar structures and necessary mechanical appurtenances may
be built and used to a greater height than the limit established
for the district in which the building is located; provided that
no such exception shall cover at any level above the height limit
more than fifteen (15) percent in the area of the lot an no
tower or similar structure shall be used for sleeping or eating
quarters or for any commercial purpose other than such as may be
inciental to the permitted uses of the main building. 

Hmm.  I'm tempted to get plans drawn up for a fixed tower and
see if I can get it through zoning here.  Let me see, 120 * 42
= 5040 sq ft.  * .15 = 756 sq ft.  18*42-756ft.  I figure I'll
get a civil engineer once I get to the building permit phase.
Or should I start with an engineer?  

The zoning book isn't really that big -- figuring that most of
it is for commercial stuff, and for types of property I don't own.

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