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[TowerTalk] Mobile antenna help

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Mobile antenna help
From: (bob puharic)
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 00:59:29 +0000

Bill Hinkle wrote:

> I just bought a IC-706 and want to run mobile with it. Is anybody on the
> reflector running a screwdriver antenna? I know I want a screwdriver,
> just don't know which one. Can anybody be of some help. I'd like to get
> the most bang for the buck. I like the way the High Sierra mounts look
> but, is the BB3 a better antenna or is there something else out there?

i've had a bb3 for abt 2 yrs. when it works, it works great.  very nice to
be able to change bands from inside the car.

BUT...their quality control SUCKS.  when i got mine, i mounted it,
weatherproofed worked for a week then the little matching
transformer blew. TJ antenna said they had problems with the
transformers...they had to send me 3 replacements (the last from the owner's
truck) before we got one that i had to strip off all the
weatherproofing, etc...remount it...

a friend bought one about a month ago....the screwdriver mechanism quit
after a week. when contacted TJ said they'd moved locations and forgot to
tell their new workers to remove the pin that keeps the screwdriver
mechanism from rotating during assembly. so friend has to pack it up and
send it back....

IOW the damn things dont work. i wouldnt buy one again. its been 270 bux
worth of aggravation.

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