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[TowerTalk] Subdivision Deed restrictions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Subdivision Deed restrictions
From: (warren munro)
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 08:42:41 -1000
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>Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 08:40:41 -1000
>To: "David L. Thompson" <>
>From: (warren munro)
>Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Subdivision Deed restrictions
>>>When you bought your house, did you sign an agreement that allows them
>>>to impose NEW rules on you?  If you did, I suggest you pack up and
>>>move.  If not, they have to abide by the OLD rules, which you should
>>>point out with a lawyer at your side.  Good luck.
>>>73, Bill W7TI
>>Bill, You hit right on....Most states don't let you change a contract after
>>it begins unless 100% agree....You can't be forced to accept restrictions
>>you did not sign for...Plus I for one would never sign any CC&R.
>>BTW:  many subdivisions have such regulations that are supposed to be part
>>of your purchase signature for the property and all the
>>restrictions.  One guy I know read all his contract material and there were
>>no such statements.  When he applied properly for his 80 foot tower the
>>subdivision garden club said the restrictions would not allow a tower.  In
>>his explaination of the service side of amateur radio he explained why he
>>need a tower, why this would cut RFI, and moreover where were the
>>restrictions they talked about.  After three months of hearing nothing back
>>and the county approving the tower he had many of the boys over for scout
>>jamboree on the air.  These same people now are positive on amateur radio.
>>Word to the wise take positive steps not legal steps first!
>>Dave K4JRB
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>Just a minute please... the statement that "most states don't let you
>change a contract after it begins unless 100% agree" is clearly not true
>because many contracts themselves (condo association rules for example)
>allow existing agreements to be changed by (it varies) simple majority or
>60% or 75% of "eligible voters".
>Having been a condo board member for some time, let me assure you that my
>statement is true.
>73, Warren KH6WM

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