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[TowerTalk] Ham IV rotor disassembly

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ham IV rotor disassembly
From: (James D. Bruce)
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 21:27:48 -0500
Be carefull not to drop the bearings out, but be prepared to open it over a
clean tarp, plastic sheet, or cloth. There is also a tricky part to
re-assembling it. Been there, Done both. Jim/NV3V
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Date: Wednesday, April 01, 1998 08:18
Subject: [TowerTalk] Ham IV rotor disassembly

>Does anybody out there have any experience taking the upper housing off a
>Ham IV rotor.  I have a unit that was in service about 10 yrs ago when the
>Ham IV was built by CDE.  The unit still wks fine on the bench but was in
>storage outdoors for the 10 yrs I have been inactive.  The thrust brng in
>top twr section suffered some corrosion damage and I want to check inside
>rotor as well but am reluctant to disassemble it with the poor instructions
>provided by CDE in their manual.  I just want to check for corrosion damage
>and clean the contacts etc.  Has anybody removed the top section on a Ham
>and survived the trip?  What I am looking for is (since the instructions
>seem to be written by a guy who takes 'em apart for a living--not too
>descriptive and neither are the photos) are there any pitfalls like springs
>out or parts falling out that I have to be careful of??  Or is it pretty
>routine?  Help pse?
>steve, k8wk
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