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[TowerTalk] Painting a new mast?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Painting a new mast?
From: (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 10:51:14 -0500
On 3/22/98 2:15 PM, K7LXC at wrote:

>In a message dated 98-03-22 13:42:31 EST, writes:
>>How do I paint inside?  Should I cap the top end of mast?
>     I suppose you could pour paint through it. Or just leave it. If you cap
>it, moisture will condense inside the mast and run down so you'll have water
>running out of it whether it's capped or not. As long as the water can run 
>out the bottom, I wouldn't worry about it. 

I hope it isn't too late to add to this discussion.

A bit of information from the field of aviation:

Historically, light aircraft airframes of the "tube and fabric" design 
are built with chrome-moly steel tubing and covered with fabric.

To protect the tubing against interior corrosion, the interior of the 
airframe is coated with Linseed oil. Note that this is usually 
UN-galvanized 4130 thinwall chrome-moly steel tubing.

Doing this is tricky. All the weldments are made with a hole in each 
joint, oil is introduced into the airframe and the frame is rotated to 
various positions for the oil to flow. When complete, excess oil is 
drained out and the airframe tubing is capped with a final weld.

Once finished, the exterior of the airframe is often painted. These days, 
they use two-part epoxy paint, or, even better, powder coat the airframe.

Usually, the steel airframe treated in this manner outlasts the fabric 


Doing a mast would be significantly simpler, as there are no weldments to 
worry about. 

Note for those unfamiliar with Linseed oil -- it is a thick sticky 
substance remeniscent of varnish. 

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