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Re[2]: [TowerTalk] Re: Long mast, intermediate bearing

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Subject: Re[2]: [TowerTalk] Re: Long mast, intermediate bearing
From: (Henry G Chapoton)
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 12:47:11 -0500
     Ok, you got 2 things on me: guts and space.  I quit tramming 'cuz I 
     didn't really feel comfortable with the setup, and didn't have the 
     clear ground space to lay out the antennas.  I did do some smaller 
     stuff on my R25.
     I put up my 3 el 40 (275#, 170') in pieces - Boom first, then tilted 
     it and put the elements on.  Biggest thing I trammed was a 2el Wilson 
     40 to 150' - to the mast (2"x1/4", unknown alloy, sold by Telrex).
     I think one of the biggest keys is what you feel comfortable with.  
     The rigging to do a proper tram for a big beam can be substantial and 
     it takes an experienced & disiplined ground crew.  I don't want to see 
     someone get killed tramming up to the top of a mast that's secured 
     only by a thrust bearing!!

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Re: Long mast, intermediate bearing
Author:  K7LXC <> at Internet/Unix
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Date:    4/3/98 10:44 AM

In a message dated 98-04-03 09:02:52 EST, writes:
>  I don't think you want to hook your tram line to the mast unless it's 
>       a real small beam on a short tower.  There is a LOT of tension on that 
>       line. Hook it to a tower leg at the top of the tower.  If the tower is 
>       guyed, remove one guy (loosen the other 2 a bit) and let the tram line 
>       (I used 3/16 EHS for a tram line) be a temp guy.  When you get the ant 
>       up there, hang it from the tower, relocate the tram, move the pully up 
>       on the mast and then pull the ant UP.  If you do tram on the mast, 
>       consider a couple back guys on it.
      While I sometimes use the 2-step method described above, you can use a
proper mast to anchor the top of the tram line. With back-guying there's 
little or no pull on the mast and you can go as big as you want. I've trammed 
up full-sized HD 40M beams (250-300#) directly from the mast. It WAS a 4130 
mast with 3/8" wall so it was industrial strength and it was back-guyed. 
Cheers,  Steve  K7LXC

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