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[TowerTalk] Lubricating US Towers cables and pulleys

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lubricating US Towers cables and pulleys
From: (Charlie Summers)
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 14:22:38 -0600
I believe it was WC1M who wrote:

> I don't want to pick on you Steve (I love your products and you're my
> favorite tower installer on the other coast :-), but I've seen two instances
> lately in which you've made recommendations contrary to the manufacturer's:
> 1) Lubricating cables and pulleys on U.S. Tower crankups, and 2) using an
> embedded base section on towers for which Rohn recommends using a base pin.

I just talked to Bruce at US Towers Wednesday of this week.  We
discussed this very point.  Bruce to me he highly recommends that the
pulleys be lubricated and lubricating the cable does not hurt either. 
He also told me to make sure grease stays on the inside legs of the
tower and to regrease regularly, using about two tubes of hardware moly
grease when doing so.

Bruce intimated that the bottom line was reducing friction losses which
can overload a motor raising fixture.  He indicated that anything that
would do this, including lubricating everything, plumbing the tower etc.
etc. can only help.

So, I believe when K7LXC tells us to lubricate things, he is giving us
good advice.


Charlie, W0YG..>>

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