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From: (Rod Greene)
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 19:41:33 -0700
Any chance the information from this will be published?  Sounds 
like great info to have on file.  Rod, W7ZRC

At 03:45 PM 4/3/1998 EST, Jim  W9WU wrote:
>Dayton Hamvention  Law forum announcement:
>        "Amateur Radio and the Law: Getting It Up and Keeping It Up"
>Attorney Jim O'Connell, W9WU will host a forum discussion by attorneys
>on legal issues of interest to hams.  We'll show you how to approach
>your local building department for a permit, how to protect yourself
>from restrictive covenants when shopping for a new home, and how to
>present your case for a variance or special use.  Panel attorneys will
>also detail recent court decisions affecting amateur radio, including
>nuisance and RFI matters, and explain how the recent cellular/PCS
>expansion can seriously affect antenna zoning for hams.  We'll even
>explain how to use new FCC rules on RF exposure to your benefit.
>Chris Imlay, W3KD, ARRL General Counsel
>Fred Hopengarten K1VR
>Bob Cherry K2HBX
>Tim Ellam VE6SH, VP Radio Amateurs of Canada
>Day:          Sun
>Start Time:   11:15:00 AM
>End Time:     12:45:00 PM
>Room:         3
>We're fortunate that this is one of the Forum Rooms located at the Dayton
>Join us for great info and handouts on CC&R's and other helpful info.
>73, Jim O'Connell, W9WU  ARRL VC, Central Division
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