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[TowerTalk] Apartment Dweller 01

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Apartment Dweller 01
From: (peacemkr)
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 23:00:37 -0600
Hello folks,
        Antenna questions from an apartment dweller:

The rendering below represents my physical limits.
  1 The vertical lines are the 13' high ridge lines
    of 1 story apartment buildings. *<APEX @ 13'>*
  2 The astric is the feed line in location.
    I live in the NE corner apt. (in the South building)
  3 Ladder line is not an option due to:
    (electrical conduit/cable/Land Lines/etc. in attic
    access area) <just don't think I can maintain a clean
    feed run with the doorways and near by metal envolved>
  4 @ the west end of the buildings there is the main
    Pwr/Cable/LLine feeds to both buildings.

Present config is a closed loop running the ridge lines &
        crossing over between the 2 apartment buildings
        total of 302'

        (don't ask) .. was a 287' 80m loop and added to ..
        to get lower in the 160m band wid TR-7 & MN-7)

        50 ohm coax fed 4' then 10 turn 6" balun<choke>
        then about 38-40' to tuner. 
        Ground consist of 3.5' rod into West Tex rock
        4' leadin to tuner

        no tvi xmit problems 120w ssb /cw ......

        bad rx problems mainly due to tvi horz osc. from
        other residents / sum pwr line qrn as well

        Due to the need to fund fUnKle Sam's yearly tributes..
        the TR7 & MN-7 are gone. <sigh>
        Present rig is Atlas 215 and MFJ-752B (Audio Filter)
        Tuner is homebrewed T tuner.
        Ant Works ok on 40m & 80m ..< 1.3 or less -  to 1 >
        can't get it below 6 to 1 on 15m.
        note: this is with the present home brew tuner ..

        1 Buy up coming K2 from Elecraft < >
          yes that means QRP or possiably QRO=50w out 
        2 *SSB & CW* operations on 40/30/18/15/12/10m   
        3 main bands will b 40/30/18/10m
        4 if it works on 80 .. kwel .. if not/no loss > thunderboomers
        5 build/reconfigure .. whatever .. tuner as necessary ..
        6 160m is THE band of choice but realistically .. I did gud to
          wk 1000 mi with 100w .. and it's spring now .. 

        1 What is best length for loop? given the bands/physical limits
          for tx efficiency and tuneability
                Rem: consider coax feed situation
          Note: the addition of 45'to the overall loop
                which made <west> s/n leg 20'closer to the pwr end
                of the apt. complex .. made rx noise even worse.. 
                most of it seems to b Horz TV osc ..
                like if u turn on ur tv in same room with rig .. 
                changes when the text changes on the wx ch for example
                hav disconnected tv/cable from my apt slight improvement
                I hav contacted cable & pwr companys they both sa 
                nothing is wrong with their systems .. duh ..
        2 Diversity reception > MFJ-1026 < anyone used this unit?
          as they sa u can't wk em if u can't hear em....
        3 I hav a cpi of Eznec .. but really don't know how to use it
          if u configure an ant & send it I will try to look at it .. 


   -     --63'--
   .    |       |  
   .    |       |
   .    |       |
   .    |       |
   .    |       |
S 96'   |       |   North
   .    |       |
   .    |       |
   .    |       |
   .    |       |
        |       |
   -    *


        Tnx fer the bandwidth an any input u may hav .. direct or thru
the reflectors.

        73's & GB
        QRP-L 1505

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