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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Tower Under-Engineering
From: (Malcolm Clark)
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 17:09:38 +0000
K7LXC wrote:


>      Yes, but your county (Monroe County, FL) is rated at 120 MPH. Why would
> you build anything guaranteed to be sub-standard? Do I have your county wrong?
> Even if the county rating is (only?) 100 MPH, you're still violating the LXC
> Prime Directive.

Yep, it's Glades County.  Monroe County is strictly a mailing address
these days.

> Perhaps you should be doing your neighbors a favor by
> making sure that your tower doesn't become part of the flying debris problem.
> ("Storm Victim Impaled By Ham Radio Tower")

Come now, an imbedded tower may be buckled by high winds but it isn't
going to to be torn loose from an 8000 lb base.


> >
> >  A building inspector from one of the counties in this area gave me tips
> >  on how to install my tower using his own 30 foot crank-up TV tower as an
> >  example.  I quote: "I mixed up a few bags of Sakrete and threw them in
> >  the hole.  When it set up I cranked her up and gave the tower a shake.
> >  She wobbled some so I added some guy wires a guy gave me.  That did the
> >  trick."

>      Great - more 'hip-pocket engineering'.

Hey, no fair!  You snipped my one-line comment about being ahead of the
game compared to the above--without inserting SNIP.
It's sarcasm Steve, sarcasm.


Now some questions about the wind ratings.  I'd like to know what they
represent and who compiled them.  Are they the expected highest average
speed, highest expected gust, or what?  And under what conditions?  Are
they under cyclonic conditions or strictly straight line winds. 
Obviously they don't include tornados or most of the country would have
to be in 200 mph+ zone.  Lastly, and this is important, what kind of
miles are those?  Are they statute or nautical miles per hour?

Your turn :-)

73 Malcolm KR4HP

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