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Re[2]: [TowerTalk] Re: Long mast, intermediate bearing

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Subject: Re[2]: [TowerTalk] Re: Long mast, intermediate bearing
From: (Henry G Chapoton)
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 12:09:46 -0400
     Yeah, I didn't get everything in my head onto the paper.  I don't like 
     to trust a thrust bearing to support the weight alone without a 
     fail-safe backup.  I guess I shouldn't have used "designed" - that was 
     a real poor choice of words.  I do have a paranoia about the mast 
     clipping my toes.  Had one slip down a couple feet once.  Don't 
     remember all the details - the bottom was already lower than my feet 
     and no damage was done as I recall.

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Re: Long mast, intermediate bearing
Author: (Stan Griffiths) at Internet/Unix
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Date:    4/6/98 12:53 AM

>     Note that most thrust bearings are NOT designed to hold the vertical 
>     weight of your antenna/mast.  A good way to lose your toes.
>     Greg
>     na8v/4
Well, Greg, if it is a Rohn thrust bearing, that is exactly what it is for: 
to hold the weight of the mast and antenna.

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