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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ham rotor
From: (Shane Autrey NC4SA)
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 05:59:15 +0100

Now that i have the wiring diagram for the rotor what do i need to do so
that the control box itself will recognise the direction the motor is
pointing in. The Ham M control box reads the direction correctly but when i
wire up the Ham II control box the exact same way the control box gives
absolutely no indication of direction. It stays all the way over to the
right past the S on the scale.  Therefore when the rotor is turning i have
to look out the window to see which way the beams are pointing in. This is
especially cumbersome when trying to operate 2mtr sideband. I need to know
why the Ham II box itself doesn't give a directional indication when the Ham
M box does. For those of you that are wondering why i am going to the
trouble to use a different control box when the original works just fine the
answer is simple the Ham II control box is much better suited for my
applications than the original one and you don't have to push a slide switch
to see which direction your antenna(s) is/are pointing in.  thanks de nc4sa

>>Wiring is all the same on them;  1 is ground, 2 is the brake (if needed),
>& 7
>>are the directional indicator,  5 is CW for motor, 6 is CCW for motor, and
>4 & 8
>>go to the capacator in the control box.  The 500 ohm pot in the rotor is
>where 3
>>& 7 go.  The wires go on either end of the pot and the pot wiper is
>grounded to
>>pin 1 of the rotor.
>>Dick Williams  K8ZTT

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