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From: (Bruce Richards)
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 12:18:51 +0100
Hello John. I think it must be the up to the branch office. I also have State
Farm and my tower is covered on my policy. I have a 90 ft Rohn 25 that sits 35
ft behind the house and it has been on the
policy as a "out building" since 1978. I had  damage to my 45 foot long ,7
element 10m monobander
four years ago when this area was hit with a ice storm. The   truss's  that
are in a long diamond shape overhead, snaped from all the weight of the ice .
the ends of the boom hung down like a sea gulls wings. I called a crain
company to get me up there to the antenna. The complete tower and antennas
were incased in about 1 to 1 1/2 inchs of ice. They arrived with a bucket
attachment and one of there operators and myself went up in the bucket to
start rapping on the boom to break the ice loose. Once it was mostley off ,
we installed new truss's that I had made up while waiting on them to get here.

State Farm not only  paid for the crains time ,( they came from Nashville, 50
miles away) they  said that the labor of my self and 3 other hams that helped
would cover the deductable.
The local office was just here last week to do a 10yr verification, and
commented that at least no damage since the ice storm and left. So It is a
matter of the person/office more than the company.
Ask to speak with the branch Mgr.  GL/DX.......Bruce

John Langdon wrote:

> I have just been informed by a snippy office assistant that my HO carrier,
> State Farm, "no longer insures antennas, doesn't want that business
> anymore".
> I have been over the reflector messages, but for an update: who knows for
> sure that their antennas are covered, i.e., has had a claim paid recently,
> and who is your carrier?  Did you have to have a "rider"?  How does your
> policy read with regard to antennas?
> 73 John N5CQ
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