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From: kz5qdx@COMMUNIQUE.NET (Douglas Bradford)
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 13:21:35 -0500

 Of course, they also canceled me after 25 years because I
have a home office (the same home office I had in Texas for 7 years).

Tom, K5RC/7

.Tom, wud u believe after 25 years with Shelter, never filed a claim
and they would not renew. My Son 26 years old, married and
living same town had a wreck. Their line of reasoning was he might
drive one of my cars someday.......   amazing the way they think.

All of us have sum horror stories we've heard about Insurance.
Best one  was 2 years ago. Hospital bills, Insurance Co said was
not necessary. I nearly died in this visit, was in ICU for 2 weeks.
3 months total that visit. Took a Lawyer and 5 Doctors to get it paid.
Each Doctor had stated I would have died without  that treatment.
That visit was over $500,000.

73  Brad  KZ5Q
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