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[TowerTalk] Rain static and grounding

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rain static and grounding
From: (Press W Jones)
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 09:20:24 EDT
Barry, perhaps you ought to try a static dissipator at the top of the
tower. If the noise lessens, you can assay your risk conditions there and
consider additional units. If interested, we will forward more detailed
information on the subject.
Another possibility - have you checked your DC path on the tower lately?
All nuts and bolts on it and all of the attached hardware? It doesn't
take much corrosion to set up a multitude of diodes that make lots of
noise. A straight solid #8 solid copper run down the inside of the tower
might enhance the DC path, too.
Also important is the common ground - tying your tower ground system to
the power Co. neutral.
Your basic rod and Cadwelded sounds excellent.
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On Thu, 9 Apr 1998 11:21:09 +0000 "Barry Kutner" <> writes:
>Hi all - Lately, I've noticed the static produced by rain seems to be 
>a lot louder than in the past. The only change I've made to my system 
>was improve the tower grounding (from 3 ground rods with clamps to 9 
>ground rods Cadwelded). Could this be the cause? Any other ideas? 
>El nino? :.)
>73 Barry
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