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Subject: [TowerTalk] Array Solutions - New Product
From: (Jay, WX0B)
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 14:03:12 -0500
Thanks to Steve for allowing me to post the following announcement
that some of you may find interesting.
Jay, WX0B

For Immediate Release

April 9, 1998

Array Solutions Announces the SixPak, a 6 antenna 2 radio switching

The SixPak is a very configurable antenna to radio switch. It was
originally conceived for the demanding
requirements of the radio Contester, but it also has application with
the general ham operator. Since it was
developed for the Contester, it has all the reliability and high power
capabilities demanded by contesters.

The SixPac is basically a 6 antenna relay matrix. It can be configured
to be connected to 1 or 2 radios. It has
fail-safe interlocks to safely switch any antenna to any of the radios
connected to it. It also has been engineered to
have very high isolation between radios and antennas. The matrix uses
micro-strip 50 ohm design and custom high
power RF open frame relays. There are 12 relays in the matrix, and each
radio is 4 relay contacts away from the
other radio.

The SixPac can be controlled by either a single manual dual rotary
switch box, or two of them wired in parallel.
They have 12 LEDs aligned in two rows of 6 next to each other which
track each radio and the antenna it is using.
The interlocking scheme will not allow the two radios to be accidentally
connected together. The LEDs display
the the antennas that both radios are connected too. It can also be
controlled by the automatic band decoders
being offered by Top Ten Devices and Alpha Power.

The SixPac can be mounted inside the shack to accept 6 antenna
feedlines, or outside on the tower. It comes with
a WX proof enclosure which can be easily mounted on a tower leg. The
benefit of mounting it on the tower is that
instead of running 6 hard-line or coaxial feedlines up the tower a ham
can run just 2 feedlines up the tower to
access all 6 antennas from 2 radios. 

The SixPac can also be ordered with only 6 relays and one feedline. In
this configuration it makes a very efficient
and reliable 6 way remote antenna switch. 

The SixPac will be introduced at the Dayton Hamvention mid May.
Introductory pricing is being offered to kick
off the sales program. Please visit us at booth # 480 at Dayton.


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