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Subject: [TowerTalk] relays
From: (Joseph L. Pontek)
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 20:17:37 -0700
What you might consider doing is to put loading loops on each side
of your feed point. You can can set the antenna up for CW with
the loops, then short them out for Phone. You can use DC switching
up your coax with RF choke isolation and you be at the low voltage
point. It would be a form of linear loading, which works fairly well
for in-band QSYing of an antenna, as not much loading would be

Excuse the poor graphics:

Relay ctx's  v    v
           /  ||||  \
     LOOP |   ||||   | LOOP
           \-/ || \-/

Barry Kutner wrote:
> I would like to install some relays on my 80m 1/2 wave slopers to
> allow in-the-shack switching from CW to SSB (rather than running
> ouside and folding back the wires as I do now). Being that the
> end of wire is the high voltage point, at 1500W can anyone tell me
> what kind of voltage we are talking about? Looking for the specs so
> can choose an appropriate relay based on voltage and current ratings.
> (Looking to follow the LXC prime directive and follow the
> munfacturers specs).
> 73 Barry

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