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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Tennadyne
From: (Dave Karklin)
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 10:22:41 -0400
Thanks for input, Rick.  Which Tennadyne LPDA did you put up?  A T-10 using
two 2 inch round booms (like mine)?  Tennadyne changed to square booms with
closer spacing a while ago which affected the intra-array feedline
impedance and, hence, the SWR bandwidth.                  73,  Dave W2TA
> From: Timothy L. Bratton <>
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> Subject: Tennadyne
To: <>
> Date: Friday, April 10, 1998 6:53 PM
> Dave -
> I put up a Tennadyne LPDA for N5FW.  It replaced a KLM 5L20 so that
> Frank could work IOTA stations on all the 20m-and-up bands.   The SWR,
> measured with an MFJ 259 in the shack, with the antenna about 30 ft up,
> was less than 1.6 from 14 to 30.  The peak was at 21.6 (out of band). 
> The SWR performance is excellent.
> I was concerned that it might be an air-cooled dummy load, especially
> compared to the monoband Yagi.  LPDAs are great for bandwidth, but not
> so long on gain.  Frank has been in love with it since we got it up.  He
> broke a pile up to a Western Sahara station Wednesday night, and has
> worked all sorts of rare stuff with it.  
> What he really likes is being able to change bands without having to
> change antennas.  
> -----------Tim K5RA
> nnnn

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