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Subject: [TowerTalk] Buried Coax
From: (Charles H. Harpole)
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 11:09:27 -0400 (EDT)
Press Jones and others are the guys to ask about which coax will bury, as
u can see from Press's postings on the subject.
I concentrate on the "container."
Bury your coax inside four inch dia. "field tile."  --plastic pipe which
is perf-ed ever so many inches with holes.  I like the rigid plastic pipe
because it only has holes on one side, so that the dirt on top of the pipe
will not come in any holes.  The black flexible pipe is also ok and easier
to handle in a trench.  
U can either feed the coax --pull the coax-- all the way through the
plastic pipe, a medium to hard job, or use a saw and slit the pipe
longitudinally and insert the coax thru the slit all along the pipe.  
If u use metal pipe-- rust and water collection are the results.  Don't
use it where ever code will allow no metal.
If u use something smaller than four or more inches, u will not have enuf
air flow and water will collect big time.  It will always ALWAYS be there,
but if u have air space and drain holes, it will go away mostly.
Absolutely do not use small dia. pipe of any kind because u might as well
immerse you coax in a trench of water that way!
Elect stores sell "cable pulling soap" to make the cables slippery for
Be sure to leave a strong nylon (not white) rope in the pipe as a
after-installation cable pull rope, for later changes and additions of
cables.  And when u pull that rope later, be sure to pull another rope
into the pipe to replace the first rope.  Pull WIRE will rust--use
non-rotting rope.

Put a colored stake or other marker at both ends of the buried pipe so you
and your home workmen know where it is years later.
Seal the ends around the emerging coax cables with expanding foam that
comes in an air-soil can or use metal screen wire balled up and stuffed in
tightly.  Animules love to sleep in this kind of underground pipe.
Do not pull the coax "drum tight" inside the pipe in places where freezing
and thawing occur because the temp. will put stress on a tightly pulled
coax line-- temp changes, I mean.  Leave some slack.
Also, leave me some slack while u are at it.   de K4VUD

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