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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Without Benefit of Concrete
From: (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 18:21:04 -0400
sounds like a "deal" I got last year - I was advertising for some Rohn 25
(still looking for same) - deal was you take it down and you can have
it....GREAT - sounds like my kinda deal.

#1) It had the wrong number of rungs (Towertalkians know this means Rohn

#2) it was about 50 foot and unguyed and VERY questionable, and the tower
had definite lean to it.  There was a house bracket to the facia board at
about 8 feet up the tower....and the base was in the dirt buried.

Like yesterdays post - things were swaying a bit too much........the free
tower translated to two trips to a K-Mart near by to buy a LOT of 100 foot
pieces of 1/4" nylon rope, we were hours away form home - the free tower
not only cost us all that gas plus now the rope.

A few temporary guys were placed onto the tower, and then a few more and
luckily we finally got down to the last this time the bracket
to the eave was unattached and once that was done I was able to rock the
remaining towersection in the dirt, gulp - I had been climbing around on
THIS all day long!

.....diggin down revealed that about one mebbe two bags of Sakrete (or
equiv.) had been placed as the base for the it stayed up for
AT LEAST 10 years, per the homeowner, is a mystery....

Nothin is free....nothin, but you can have a lot of fun for near free by
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The Florida QSO Party!

73, see you in the FQP

Jim, K4OJ

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