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[TowerTalk] Without Benefit of Concrete

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Without Benefit of Concrete
From: (Malcolm Clark)
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 12:49:39 +0000
Malcolm Clark wrote:
> FWIW, Rohn manufactures a drive in base for 25G that does not require
> any concrete.  It is part number SDB25G and is similar to a regular
> concrete base plate except that a large flanged spike is welded on the
> bottom.  The catalog says: "To be driven directly into ground."
> To me, the catalog is not clear on the use of this base.  Obviously it
> can be used for guyed towers and not for self supporting towers.  But
> the statement regarding house bracketed towers refers to using "fixed"
> bases and forbids "pinned" bases.  I think an unequivocal statement
> regarding the drive in base should be included.
> I don't know what this base costs, but considering the cost of concrete
> and the labor involved, this sucker should be worth investigating for
> someone putting up a guyed tower.
> No such base is listed for 45G and up.

Whoops!!!  I didn't look far enough.  In the 25G parts list, Rohn
"stars" this base along with others that "...must be bracketed or guyed
at all times."

73 Malcolm KR4HP

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