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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower-Kids
From: kz5qdx@COMMUNIQUE.NET (Douglas Bradford)
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 01:51:33 -0500
Child proofing a tower.  Next to impossible but it can be done.
I have not seen this subject mentioned. Most of us have it, and
just thought I wud remind some that this needs to be done.

Very easy to do and many ways to do it. Just take a sheet of marine
grade plywood. cut to fit on 2 sides. Notch a 2 x 4 for backing
and drill, install carriage bolts and washers. The 3rd side cut to fit
and hinge it to one of the other sides, At least 3 hinges, drill and
use carriage bolts and washer. washers and nuts on inside all three
sheets, Take a hasp and install on the other side and padlock it.
Paint it and will last for 20 years. When U climb, unlock swing
open, climb the when u come down , swing back and padlock.
Gives U a lot of peace of mind. Like happpen to me, a neighbors
kid, and I am in the country climbed mine. Once was enuff,
never again...

73  Brad  KZ5Q
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