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[TowerTalk] Now What?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Now What?
From: (Scott Bullock)
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 05:45:56 -0400
ahh, this is an easy one.....

Go to the nearest Rohn engineering book available, open it, look at it and
study it, see if it says install any towers in rocks, then close it, and
hit yourself over the head with it 3 times, while saying "always do what
the manufacturer says".
That should help ya ! :)

At 03:36 AM 4/14/98 +0000, you wrote:
>I have read the many posts regarding "to pour or not to pour?"
>I know have questions about my origional Idea.
>Being a renter and a Ham I am a bit challenged. 
> I am planning a tower install sometime this year, and have been doing lots
>of reading and asking questions. Up to this point my thought was to just
>dig a great big hole and fill it with concrete and hope like hell the
>Landlords did not find out how deep it was. 
>Then the thought of moving has crossed my mind, now comes the NOW WHAT?
>I was thinking of something freestading to avoid the guy wires, and would
>like to get something 60-70 feet with the hopes of stacking a pair of
>tribanders, maybe 40/70. However If a guy was to use some of the before
>mentioned methods would it still be structurally sound enought not to
>crumble and kill a inocent kid . The Idea of a 4-5 foot hole with the tower
>stuck in then 1 1/2 inch rock covering sounds nice. 
>Will it handle the load of say 70 feet of Rohn 25?
>Or maybe Rohn 45 should be used?
>Could I get buy with a house bracket at about 15 feet and 1 set of guys for
>a pair of tribanders? (most likely one fixed and top rotatable)
>I see a plus to this as worst case I might destroy one section of tower and
>only loose a couple hundred bucks, instead of all the material and concrete
>which is much more expensive.
>Ok enough babbling...what to do, what to do???
>Again the dumb kid returns!
>Mike...NO6X (recently dba Z38X & Z38/NO6X)
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