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[TowerTalk] Now What?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Now What?
From: (Del Seay)
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 06:06:19 -0800
A suitable base for Rohn 25G & 45G to replace concrete, is a section of
culvert 6" larger in diameter than the tower section, and set 5 ' in the
 The tower section is set in, with a layer of small gravel in the bottom for
drainage, then the space filled with pea gravel and compacted.
Note: This is a suitable base for a guyed tower. I am not a proponent of
feestanding small towers with large amateur loads!
de KL7HF
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From: Malcolm Clark <>
To: Mike <>;
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Date: Tuesday, April 14, 1998 5:49 AM
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Now What?

>Mike wrote:
>> The Idea of a 4-5 foot hole with the tower
>> stuck in then 1 1/2 inch rock covering sounds nice.
>> Will it handle the load of say 70 feet of Rohn 25?
>> Or maybe Rohn 45 should be used?
>The maximums for freestanding 25G and 45G are:
>25G  40'  1.5 sfwl  @70 mph (2.4 yds concrete)
>45G  45'  2.3 sfwl  @70 mph (4.1 yds concrete)
>The base of a freestanding tower has to be imbedded in a solid block
>that is big enough and weighs enough to withstand the maximum
>overturning moment that will be generated by the rated wind speed and
>wind load.  Gravel cannot possibly do that.
>With a bracketed tower, it is mainly the bracket that withstands the
>overturning moment--not the base by itself.  You really should get a
>Rohn catalog.  You can send them ten bucks or you can send Steve five
>bucks.  Shouldn't be a hard decision.
>You don't have to use the exact examples in the catalog.  Rohn cannot
>possibly cover every situation.  But you do have to understand the basic
>physics of your planned installation and design accordingly.  You also
>have to check and find out what the zoning ordinances and building codes
>require.  You probably will need a building permit for any substantial
>installation--almost certainly if you are located anywhere in suburbia
>or the big city.  And I would suggest you get your landlord's blessing
>for anything concreted in or bolted to the house.
>Good luck.
>Malcolm KR4HP
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