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[TowerTalk] Now What?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Now What?
From: (James D. Bruce)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 21:29:22 -0400
On installing towers the least expensive way now may not be the least
expensive overall. It may come back to haunt you. Remember, we live in a
litigious society so if for some reason it should fail, and your insurance
company determines that it wasn't properly installed by the book, the costs
for liability will be yours. This could be part of the reason for the
previous discussions on why towers may not be covered on policies, and a
small factor people are writing them into CC&Rs.
BTW mine is 50' Rohn 45 house brkt'd at 20' and concreted pier pin. It has
2m vert &beam, 440 vert & beam and a Hy-Gain TH3MK3.
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>Mike wrote:
>> The Idea of a 4-5 foot hole with the tower
>> stuck in then 1 1/2 inch rock covering sounds nice.
>> Will it handle the load of say 70 feet of Rohn 25?
>> Or maybe Rohn 45 should be used?

>physics of your planned installation and design accordingly.  You also
>have to check and find out what the zoning ordinances and building codes
>require.  You probably will need a building permit for any substantial
>installation--almost certainly if you are located anywhere in suburbia
>or the big city.  And I would suggest you get your landlord's blessing
>for anything concreted in or bolted to the house.

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