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Subject: [TowerTalk] YagiStress Version 2.0
From: (Bill Cotter)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 12:00:12 -0400
Fellow antenna builders,

Last year I learned of the YagiStress ver 1.01 (YS) program after a
conversation with Brian Beezley, K6STI. This program complimented
all the theory and practice outlined in Physical Design of Yagi
Antennas by Leeson and W2PV's Yagi Antenna Design. With it and a
garage full of various aluminum tubing odds and ends, I build a
nice 4-element 20M yagi on a 36ft boom that can withstand 100mph
winds. After spending many winter nights playing with a calculator
and Excel sheets, this program make the laborious tast of physical
design a snap. 

Now there is version 2.0 of this product. I received this
announcement as an upgrade offer. I have no affiliation with Mr
Andress or his company, other than being a satisfied customer. 

73 es tnx Bill N4ALG


YagiStress Version 2.0

YagiStress is software dedicated to the mechanical design of Yagi
antennas. The original release of version 1.0 was made in April,
1992. NI6W has been working to improve it ever since. The new
version will be released May 1, 1998 and is an entire rewrite of
the old one with many new features. Here is a brief description of
the program's capabilities:

YS calculates the safe wind speed for elements & boom. The user can
view the stress in each tubing section and modify the lengths &
diameters to improve strength. Maintain resonance with a W2PV
reference frequency while making the antenna stronger. Effective
surface areas and weights are shown. Wind loads on tower can be
calculated at every 10 degrees azimuth, at any wind speed. Antenna
turning radius is calculated. 

Graphic Displays of All Antenna Parts -View every antenna part in
an accurately scaled graphic. Zoom in to see small details. Metric
or Imperial Units May be Selected inside the program and saved with
the model.

Coax, Balun, and Boom Torque Compensator can be Modeled.
Compensator can be automatically adjusted.

New Analysis Methods use "Crosswind Principle."  K5IU has published
papers showing that previously accepted analysis methods were
incorrect for cylinders inclined to the wind. YS 2.0 uses new, more
accurate algorithms.

Notes can be Added to Antenna Files - Read notes on the antenna
models provided with YS or make your own.

Element Sag, Boom Sag & Boom Up Guy Tension can be calculated.
Elements with up guys can be modeled as single element models using
the boom analysis routines.

New Antenna Models can easily be made inside YS. No need to exit
the program and use a text editor.

Boom Torque & Torque caused by Mast Mounting are calculated and
displayed separately.

Larger Models can be made with up to 30 Elements with 30 Sections
per Element. 30 sections per boom. Add more elements or Remove them
from the antenna inside the program.

A Counterweight Routine can balance the antenna with the material
you will use. Round bar, round & rectangular tubing & angle stock
can be used to automatically achieve balance.

Chose From 4 Types of  Boom Joints - The type of boom joint affects
the joint  strength. YS 2.0 can analyze all common joints!

You can Check Your Antenna with 2 Types of  Ice Loading - Put EIA
RS-222 Solid or Rime Ice on your antenna !

YS contains a reference table of common U.S. tubing & pipe sizes.

There are several other helpful functions that make changing the
antenna easier. Like shifting all elements together, trimming the
ends of the boom to get equal overhang, or shifting or centering
the mast on the boom.

YS comes with a 27 page ASCII text formatted manual explaining
program operation and hints to help you design better antennas.
Includes instructions for using YS with K6STI's YO to efficiently
reach your design.

There is simply very little that YS cannot tell you about a Yagi!
It is faster and more accurate than 1.0 and really fun to use with
the new graphics. You can see what you are going to build. Many
commercial antenna manufacturers have been using YS to design their

If you would like to see a unique 75 Meter yagi that W7CY and NI6W
designed with the help of YS, check out WWW.ULIO.COM/ANTS.HTML

YS 2.0 can be purchased directly from NI6W for $75.00 USD. Send
personal or cashiers check from U.S. bank with your name and
amateur callsign. Sorry, no Visa or MC orders. Send commercial
inquiries direct to author for quote. NI6W will be at the Visalia
DX Convention. If you would like him to bring your new YS 2.0 to
the Convention, send him a note, E-mail, or call. All other orders
received before May 1 will be shipped May 1, 1998. Registered users
who have moved and not received a notice in the mail, contact NI6W
before June 1 for a 50% discount. Be sure to let him know if you've
changed your callsign!

Kurt M. Andress, NI6W/7
1581 Shirley St.
Minden, NV. 89423
Phone 702-267-4344
Temporary Email Address-  NI6W@ULIO.COM

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