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[TowerTalk] solder jobs up the tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] solder jobs up the tower
From: (Larry Babb)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 21:40:59 -0600
Grover Yarbrough wrote:

        I had replied privately to the original question of what to use, before 
        about people concocting ways to get 110v up the tower.  wow!!  So, I 
will include this
        for the benefit of all those who read.  I do field engineering work and 
some time
        ago, I acquired a butane powered soldering iron.  It has a large barrel 
handle for the
        butane and is filled as one would a cigarette lighter.  It has variable 
heat control
        and gets very hot if turned up.  It has been my best solution for a 
soldering iron
        where 110 is not available.  Please don't take the chance of putting 
110 on coax and
        alligator clips to get to the plug!  I find it hard to believe people 
do these things.
        The $30.00 to $40.00 an iron would cost is pretty cheap compared to the 
        The one I use also has a self contained igniter.  Maybe it wouldn't be 
a bad idea to
        bring the coax down to ground level and do it safely?  As opposed to 
doing things
        that have a high risk factor?  73
> That is the most ridiculous method ever published in any form, in any
> HAM related topic.  The probability of electrocution is immense and you
> stand to be in the path searched for least resistance while attached to
> the grounded tower.     Do that again and likely you will be the next
> silent key!
> Grover
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