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[TowerTalk] solder jobs up the tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] solder jobs up the tower
From: (Chuck)
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 06:04:50 -0500
Imagine the INCONVIENENCE to your family of having to retrieve your lifeless 
from the top of the tower!  "Gee, Mom, Dad's been up there four days now!"  
worry, sweetheart.  Some of his friends have promised to come over next weekend
after the contest to check on him."

Chuck, KZ5MM

Matt Kolb wrote:

> > My friend unplugs the coax at the antenna, attaches (via a homemade
> > SO239-to-AC-outlet-box adapter) a temperature-regulated soldering station
> > with a big tip, returns to the shack and attaches the other end of the coax
> > to a 110VAC outlet (via a homemade two-prong-plug-to-SO239 adapter), returns
> > to the antenna, solders away, turns off the iron, returns to the shack,
> > unplugs the coax from the AC, returns to the antenna, disconnects the
> > soldering iron, and reattaches the coax. Only three trips up and down the
> > tower! This can be reduced to one trip by utilizing a friend in the shack
> > and a pair of handy-talkies, but you really have to trust that your friend
> > will do exactly what you tell him/her (it could be too tempting for a
> > spouse, especially if you carry life insurance ;-)
> >
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