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[TowerTalk] Penetrox vs WD40/graphite

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Penetrox vs WD40/graphite
From: dessel.rick@Orbital.COM (dessel.rick@Orbital.COM)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 98 11:49:57 -0500
     Hello all -
     I just ordered a 7-element log periodic antenna from Tennadyne (Model 
     T7) for use on 10 thru 17 meters. I am planning on putting it up in a 
     few weeks. 
     I have been getting some confusing advice for corrosion prevention 
     during the assembly of the antenna. 
     Several hams have told me to be sure and put a coating of "Penetrox" 
     or "OX-guard" on every electrical connection while assembling the 
     antenna. The antenna is made of 6061-T6 aluminum. 
     But in talking with Tennadyne, they say DO NOT use Penetrox or similar 
     compound, if you do, the antenna will not function properly. They 
     recommend using a combination of WD40 and "lock" graphite. They have 
     even put this in writing in the manual. 
     So who is correct? If I use Penetrox, it will be in violation of the 
     manufacturer's recommendations, and may even void the warranty.
     By the way, my QTH is Northern Virginia near Washington, DC, so I am 
     not near a salt water environment. 
     Also, to add a little more confusion to the picture, according to the 
     Galvanic Series Chart for dissimilar metals, Graphite is on one end, 
     and Aluminum is on the other, which means those two materials are 
     highly corrosive together! 
     Any feedback is welcomed.
     Rick WN3T

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