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[TowerTalk] Towers falling apart ...

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Towers falling apart ...
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 14:55:38 -0500
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Jari Jussila wrote:

>         Some time ago there was mentioned here in TowerTalk-reflector, that 
> when a
> (high) tower collapses for any reason, the parts of the tower fall down in
> a circle, which is maximum 30 % of the length of the tower. (I hope I could
> explain that clear enough) Could anybody help me to find that message or to
> find relevant information.
>         A friend of mine has a severe problem with his neighbour demanding 
> him to
> move his tower 3 meters further from his house. The house is 40 meters from
> the 42 meter high tower. The neighbour is afraid that the tower collapses
> and ruins his house ....
>         Thanks
>         Jari OH2BU/OH7RF
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I  have some information on tower falls. The data was obtained from differrent 
company. It shows 14 collapses one of wich was controlled. the contolled fall 
had a
radius of 65%  to height. the rest were under 50% of height. I would be glad to 
you a copy.Email me a name and address.

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