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[TowerTalk] R7's WORK GREAT

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Subject: [TowerTalk] R7's WORK GREAT
From: (Jon)
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 20:39:59 -0400

Must be something wrong with your R-7!

I've used them since they came out.  I've used them over the world and I've
had fantastic results!
Used one for five years in Russia along with an A4S and various wire loops,
windoms, etc. and the R7 always held it's own, ESPECIALLY on 40 for DX.
Granted,  it has a narrow bandwidth on 40 and 20, but mine sure have always
worked great!

Jon Hamlet, W4ZW
Casey Key Island, FL

> owning one in "Aridzona"  (ha ha) , I'd characterize it as a tall dummy
load with a 10
> db attenuator and, on 40 meters, a huge least 40 kc's

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