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[TowerTalk] 10-40 +WARC antenna(s) recommendation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 10-40 +WARC antenna(s) recommendation
From: (Robert Bickel)
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 18:03:03

I recently completed the installation of a Tri-EX 354HD at my new home.
It's located on a small hill which drops off about 100 feet from 330 through    
170 degrees azimuth. Its topped by a Mosley Pro-67-C upgraded from a 
57-B used at my previous home. My town planning department has limited me
 to a 45 foot height and 26 foot turning radius. The Mosley seemed a good 
compromise ,10-40 meters plus the WARC bands, 3 or 4 elements on each
band (a short boom at 24ft. 30M dipole) robust, and easy to assemble on the
Now (here it comes) I'm not so sure. The antenna has  good VSWR's on each
band  but has little or no F/B. I hear and work dx  reasonably well but I
think this
is really a function of having very good (low) angle of radiation because
of the hill 10 meters has about 10db F/B and the other bands even less.
Discussions with
Mosley seem to indicate the antenna is coupling with ground probably as a
of adding the 40/30 meter upgrade. Unfortunately my experience does seem to
mirror some of the comments I've read/heard about the antenna. It acts as
it's a rotatable dipole when I really want some F/B and F/S as the location
is suburban with attendant powerline noise.Gain takes a secondary importance.


   1.Has anyone had a similar experience and been able to fix it by adjusting
       the elements?  

    2. Assuming not, does anyone have a Hygain TH-11or LP-1009, or a KLM
         10-30-7LPA and has a 40M rotatable dipole 5 feet above it parallel
to the
          boom?  Does the combination work without the problems I've seen.

Comments on the combination suggested in item 2 would be very much
appreciated, as I intend the antennas to work here at my home,  in this con-
figuration.  I suspect the 67C works fine when it's up at 65 feet
this is not an option for me.

Thanks for your comments

Robert, K6FX

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