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[TowerTalk] Oxidized R7-what to do?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Oxidized R7-what to do?
From: (N9YXA-Cedrick Johnson)
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 22:57:26 +0000
I would use Liquid Electrical Tape to cover antenna connections. I 
currently use it on my vertical, and recently had to remove it. Very 
easy to remove the bulk of it, but sometimes a little thin layer 
still remains. It stood up to some of the colder (not, thanks to El 
Nino,) Chicago temps, and a lot of heat and sun. Works great, and 
certainly would pass it on to people. Throw the coax seal in the 
garbage, or use it as a putty toy.

> At 9:26 AM -0800 4/19/98, Mike wrote:
>      Vapor wrap is a material (typcially butyl rubber) that keeps the
>      vapor/moisture out of a connector joint. CoaxSeal is a cheap  
imitation but
> >can
> >>perform the same function - it you don't apply directly to the connectors,
> >>that is.
> >
> >What about Scotch 88 then scotch coat over that, have not had water or
> >anything else get into that, however it is awful messy. 
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