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[TowerTalk] FCC RF Exposure Bulletin

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Subject: [TowerTalk] FCC RF Exposure Bulletin
From: (Steven H. Sawyers n0yvy)
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 23:02:02 -0500
My apologies to the net for the wasted bandwidth.

Unfortunately, my got resorted and I lost track of where I was.
I didn't realize how old this was when I replied to it.

de n0yvy steve

At 09:24 PM 4/19/98 -0500, Steven H. Sawyers n0yvy wrote:
>I have had this problem before (no formula's). It is because the Equation
>in MS Word is not installed by default. They are in the .wp file. They are
>also in the .pdf file.
>and that is a much more reliable way of getting the document with out any
>word processor 
>translation induced mistakes.
>de n0yvy steve
>At 08:00 AM 11/20/97 -0600, wrote:
>>I downloaded the dreaded document and read it over last eve.  My download
>>translation from a .wp do a .doc (Word)  file worked fine.  What I see is
>a long
>>document with lots of examples unfortunately most of the formulas are
>>Where the formulas are supposed to be the FCC has some verbage about
>>"insert formula here" in its place.  So I guess they havent really agreed
>yet what
>>the formulas should be??
>>I do see that most stations will meet the requirements and some subtle
>wording which
>>can be used to take to your town councils to get tower hight limitations
>>Perhaps our venerable legal guys can read this over and make some
>suggestions as how
>>to use this new arrow in our sling to our best advantage.
>>Instead of critisizing this document, I think we can turn it around to be
>>example of  why we need tall towers.
>>Jay, WX0B
>>Dick Flanagan wrote:
>>> At 10:28 AM -0800 11/19/97, Dick Flanagan wrote:
>>> >The FCC has finally released Bulletin 65B outlining the procedures for
>>> >demonstrating Amateur Radio station compliance.  It is currently
>>> >only in WordPerfect 5.1 format, but a pdf version should be available
>>> >shortly.
>>> >
>>> >6
>>> >5b.wp
>>> Some mailers apparently have difficulty passing that long URL.  If you
>>> trouble reaching the site, make sure the URL is complete and ends with
>>> ".../oet65/oet65b.wp"
>>> 73, Dick
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