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[TowerTalk] towers as real estate

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Subject: [TowerTalk] towers as real estate
From: (warren munro)
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 08:36:55 -1000
Hi guys.  I do think everyone ought to check a little real estate law
before making pronouncements !!  When you got your building permit (you did
get one, didn't you if it is required in your area ??), you got permission
to build an "appurtenant structure".  Even without a permit, you have still
clearly erected a permanent structure.  Yes you may take it away with you
later, but for the time being it is definitely attached to the ground and
clearly real estate, therefore subject to property taxes as an
"improvement".  and any capital investment into an improvement is done to
add value (to at least the owner, and probably to many more), which means
an increased assessed value.

Not liking the idea should be separated from not analyzing the logic and
the rules of real estate law.

The analogy to mobile home law is probably not valid as there is no
vehicular aspect to tower installations.

Good luck on your appeal, Bob, but you'll only win on the numbers being
wrong, not on the principle...

73, Warren KH6WM

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